Paw Choice Dry Dog Shampoo


Dry Dog Shampoo, Waterless, No Rinse Foam Mousse – Best for Bathless Cleaning of Coat and Removing Pet Odor – Mango & Pomegranate Scent, Natural with No Harsh Detergents, Made in USA, 100% Guaranteed

Ok I received this item for review purposes and I LOVE it. My dog has a fear of water. So much so that I have to tie him up to a tree and spray him down with a hose. It is a HUGE struggle. I just received this item in the mail and I couldn’t wait to try it so I brushed my dog then used this product. He didn’t like the pump sound at all so I had to have my son pump it into my hand. He loved being rubbed down with this foam. Feels like soap and dries quickly. The best part outside of my dog loving it was how good he smelled after. Normally if you give your dog a bath he just smells like that soap and wet dog. This he just smelled like Mango and Pomegranate haha. Would I purchase this product. Absolutely I will! Highly recommend.

NATURAL COCONUT DERIVED FORMULA. Mild, safe and good for sensitive skin. Okay to use with topical flea treatments.
USE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. Quick, easy and prefect for between baths, active dogs, traveling, smelly dogs and pets that don’t like water or baths.
BETTER THAN WIPES AND SPRAYS. More economical and environmentally friendly than wipes and isn’t a scary spray bottle. Actually cleans and doesn’t just mask odor.
MANUFACTURED IN THE USA in a state of the art, EPA registered facility with the highest quality ingredients and standards of safety. Cruelty Free.


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