Clia Facial Moisturizer


Oh I love this product, Smells so good you almost want to eat it. My face feels amazing and no reactions to this gal who has very sensitive skin. I did receive this product for review purposes and I love it. I would buy it and I recommend it to everyone looking for a Moisturizer that is perfect for Women and Men. Coconut milk and honey formula with Jojoba oil, Shea, and organic aloe. Packaging is beautiful. Frosted glass with a silver lid. So slick.



More info on this product –

Clia Facial Moisturizer

  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA: Made in cGMP facilities that are FDA registered and operate under the strictest controls in the industry. Clia’s formulation labs represent the state of the art of skin care manufacturing. Please note the reviews.
  • YOU WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Having the best looking skin is not hard. Sun exposure, poor diet, dehydration are all key factors in having young, healthy skin. Clia moisturizer will penetrate deep into the skin to repair and help support the cells for the best health possible.
  • THE CLIA GUARANTEE: Clia Premier Beauty Products guarantees that all our ingredients are the best quality available with ZERO animal testing. We want you to be 100 PERCENT SATISFIED! All natural and organic compounds are used to build these blends to be the most effective products available. Contains no vitamin K, coffee bean extract, SPF, dead sea salts or bentonite clay.
  • BEST NATURAL FACIAL MOISTURIZER HUGE 4oz JAR: Clia formulators have developed yet another outstanding natural skin care product for the reduction of dry skin and other conditions. This moisturizer has NO greasy feel and is UNSCENTED. Free of harsh chemicals, this cream is perfect for those with sensitive or oily skin. Naturally aids in the reduction of fine wrinkles, fine lines, and will moisturize the décolleté, neck, face, chest and other areas of the body. Look to other Clia skin care serums or creams for help with melasma, dark spots, skin lightening, puffy eyes, blemish problems, firming, scar correction or acne issues. Great to use after exfoliation with other Clia moisturizers.
  • INCREDIBLE INGREDIENT BLEND: All natural and healthy blend of shea butter, jojoba, aloe vera, green tea extract vitamin B5 and other ingredients that defy aging. It’s the blend that matters for smooth, soft and healthy skin. Clia spent months developing the right feel and effect for the cream. We do NOT test on animals and is cruelty free. We added green tea as an anti-oxidant to fight free radicals and fight premature aging. Does not contain: caffeine, retinol, hyaluronic acid, c serum, peptides, stem cells, eye gel or Matrixyl 3000. Also for post face lift, 35+ and as a hand cream.


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