Craft Clips



These are absolutely amazing, These were sent to me for review purposes and I LOVE them. They are so good for all sorts of crafts. I have been using them as bead stoppers so my beads don’t fall off the string. What can I say about these. My daughter uses them to clip to her projects. Using them to keep her projects together until she could get back to them. She also has been using them to clip onto her jeans and strings so it makes it easier to braid for friendship bracelets. So many uses for these little guys. I am so excited about this item. They are so fun, Colors are great. What more can I say… They are AMAZING.

  • ✔ PERFECT Your Craft – Large holding capacity and built in seam allowance markings allow you to align materials ahead of time and easily create flawless seams
  • ✔ BETTER Than Your Old Pins – Thanks to the flat bottom of these clips, you can hold your materials in place the whole time, as you sew all the way to the presser foot
  • ✔ SAVE Your Fingers & Material – Replace your old pins and never poke your fingers or damage your materials again, you can now sew safely with these must have clips
  • ✔ MAKES The Job Easy – The variety of bright, transparent, & vibrant colors allows you to choose the clip that will make the clips contrast, and easy to see against any material
  • ✔ GREAT When On The Go – Comes in a convenient container with a secure screw on top so you never lose a clip and are ready to go on the fly


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