What a super cute candle! I love the cool cotton smell. It burns evenly and the packaging is adorable. I love the little tag so you could give as a gift. What a sweet sweet idea! Send some birthday cheer. I esp love the mason jar it is made in. I was sent this item for my honest review and I love it! It has a light scent payoff when burning and I do like that. Esp with these types of smells they tend to give me a headache and this candle doesn’t. They have lots of different “Scentiments” Family, Friend, and Sister with different scents like Lavender, Vanilla, Linen, and Cinnamon. Long burn time.

Scentiments Soy candle


100% USA SOY: Supporting industry here in the USA we use only natural soy wax which means you get the very best wax and cleanest burning candle
HIGH LINEN FRAGRANCE CONTENT: We manufacture all our candles using high quality essential oils to give the very best fragrance throughout the room
REUSABLE MASON JARS: Once you have enjoyed your candle don’t forget all the wonderful things you can do with your Mason Jar. Many customers adapt them into all sorts of uses from flower vases to light shades…..

Looking for that perfect gift for your best friend which they will appreciate and actually use?

This handmade range of scented candles produced with 100% USA Soy wax can deliver just that.

– 100% Soy Wax for Clean burn
– Handmade quality
– High Fragrance Content
– Traditional Mason Jars
– Gift Tags Included
Let’s face it buying the perfect gift for our best friend who has it all is never easy. With a simple message and great scent these candles not only say what we want to say but delivery a fantastic fragrance for hours and hours after the gift has been made.


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