Crown And Cradle Teething Necklace

Crown And Cradle Teething Necklace

Great great product, High quality durable thick food grade silicone beads on a lovely ribbon. Has an easy to use clasp that doesn’t come apart when you tug on it. Lots of fun colors and designs to choose from.

ftc: I received this product for my honest review.

In the pic lil man wanted to play more than chew on it but hey still a great product and will be saved for future babies in the family.



  • SAFETY FOCUSED – Made from BPA FREE, food grade silicone and feature break away clasps for safety. Feature individual knots between beads for baby’s safety
  • DESIGNED FOR COMFORT, CONVENIENCE, and STYLE – Lightweight necklaces featuring individual knots between beads to AVOID PULLING HAIR. Designed to look like nothing more than a chic fashion accessory for mom. The necklaces look great, feel comfortable, and go everywhere with you. A PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT TOO! 🙂
  • KEEP BABY FOCUSED ON EATING FOR LONGER – Give baby a focal point and have been proven to keep a baby breastfeeding longer. Nursing necklaces have been shown to help Moms breastfeed up to 2 times longer!
  • TEETHING RELIEF – Perfect for relieving teething pain and sensitive gums. Can also be refrigerated for soothing effect.
  • EASY CLEANUP – Cleaning is easy, just wash with soap and water or throw in the top rack of the dish washer.

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