Legend Organic Matcha

Ok so I can write any review on this Legend Organic Premium Matcha product. BUT Since I love matcha might as well pit it against my current brand of matcha that I love.


I have been talking back and forth with the owner of this product and he assured me that this is a higher quality product. He was so great getting back to me. And he informed me that they will be having a Culinary grade too. I am so excited for that!

I have been drinking Kenko Matcha for a while now and my current favorite. Will this new one surpass the Kenko? Well lets see. So some stats on the products,

I will be using a point system.

Amazon searched Organic Matcha
Kenko – $31.95, Found on page 1. Distributed from Melbourne, Australia 0
Legend – $23.99, Found on page 4. Distributed from Sugar Land, Texas 2


Comparisons: Both same container, 1oz of matcha, Organic, premium, Vegan, product of Japan, Dose 1/2-1. TIE

Color: Kenko a bit lighter and more Yellow toned Green, Legend a bit darker and more blue toned green. But very very close in color. TIE


Smell Dry: Kenko more greens “spinach” like smell 0. Legend is a bit sweeter of a smell 1.

For picture purposes I skimmed all the foam off so you can see color.


Smell brewed: Kenko Light spinach smell 0, Legend a tad bit sweeter 1.

Color Brewed: Very very close – tie

Taste Brewed: Kenko very earthy 0, Legend a bit sweeter 1.

In the end Legend won the battle with 5 more points everything else was a tie. The points Legend won on was Price, Location, Smell Dry, Smell brewed, and Taste.

I think I found my new favorite Matcha.


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