CREE Head Lamp

OMgoodness WOW is all I can say, I had my husband do the honors to inspect this product in full because well it’s a Man thing haha. This thing is amazing. Before I read anything on the box we wanted to play. The #1 thing we noticed was how bright the light was even during the day it was blinding… There are 6 light modes to choose from White light High, Med, and Low, White Flashing which we figured out was SOS. Awesome. Red on and Flashing. for night time. My husband stated right away when he opened up the lamp to add the batteries that is has a great rubber seal to keep all water out. Light also pivots to direct the lamp if you are working on something. Now
These will be perfect for all our fun adventures.  Camping, Riding the Hiawatha trail on our bikes you go through old train tunnels so you need a headlamp.

Anyway I received this Cree Head Lamp for my Honest review


Product Description

Never Again Fear the Dark Thanks to LuxoLite All-Round, Multi Color Headlamps!

Whether you need to brighten up your path while you are out after dark, to keep yourself safe in an emergency situation, to do household or repair work in a poorly lit room or just to illuminate an hour of bedside reading…LOOK NO FURTHER than this reliable, Best-In-Class Head Flashlight with Red Light!

Now You Have the Perfect Light:

1. EASY TO USE with Separate Pressure Switch for RED and WHITE Light
2. HI SUPER BRIGHT spotlight pierces the darkness at 168 lumens for The Distance of a Football Field!
3. ADAPT Brightness to your lighting needs HI, MED, LO + flashing SOS and INCREASE BATTERY LIFE from 30 hrs at HI up to 120 hrs at LO (3 AAA Included)
4. KEEP YOUR NIGHT VISION with steady red led lights or GET NOTICED using flashing strobe
5. LIGHTWEIGHT (only 3 oz)
6. Either have the lamp shining upright or swivel beam angle down towards the ground!
7. WATERPROOF RATING IPX6 (vs IPX4 by others), CE and RoHS certified

This is the one headlamp you will need for any situation: running, jogging, hiking, backpacking, camping, caving, hunting, fishing, reading, just name it! It also makes a great gift!


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