Puppy Nail Clippers


{FREE MASSAGE BRUSH and BAG INCLUDED} RollinPets Nail Pet Clipper, The Best Dog Nail Clippers, These Dog Grooming Clippers are Sharp and Easy to Trim Dog Nails With Safety Stop and Locking switch (Misc.)
I am so very impressed with this product. The massage brush is very nice and was calming to my pup who is terrified of getting his nails clipped. These are super sharp and very very easy to use. It took me 5min to clip his nails as apposed to my old pair that would take me up to 15min because after the 5min mark I am fighting to keep him close to me. I was able to clip 2 paws then brush him to calm him again then clip the other 2. It was so easy.
I did receive these for my honest review at an extreme discount. šŸ™‚
  • Stainless steel construction guarantees the professional dog clippers will remain in top-notch shape
  • Safety features these dog clippers have a nail guard that prevents cutting of the nails too short
  • Full grip thanks to the rubber coated handles, trimming dog nails will be a breeze
  • Ideal results pliers-style dog clippers has sharp blades, allowing for smooth edges
  • Beautiful desig the dog nail clippers aren’t just functional but easy on the eyes too


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