Angel Baby Stroller Organizer Diaper Bag

Such a wonderful high quality product. It was a bit hard to put the wipes in the compartment so just remember if it is a new set of wipes make sure you open it up so the air in the package gets released so it makes it easy to put in the pocket. Perfect cup holder size and on the back has zippers to add things like your keys or phone. Adjustable strap.

Stroller bag
“This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.”

How A New Discovery Made This Mother Into A Genius

The #1 Secret to Keeping Your Stroller Organized and Safe!

I was tired of spending so much time and research to find flaws in EVERY Stroller Organizer I purchased. So I invested thousands of dollars to make my own and now am excited to offer this to the public! You Will Not Regret It!

Here are 7 Facts that makes this organizer better than BRITAX or ANY OTHER BRAND:

1. EXTERIOR DIAPER WIPES POCKET for super easy access!
2. DETACHABLE SHOULDER STRAP for those times when you need to take this into the bathroom at the park or zoo for a quick diaper change or saftey of personal items
3. EXTRA LONG Velcro Straps (2 inches longer than Other Brands)
4. FABRIC FLEX TECHNOLOGY (stays in place whether going up/down hills)
5. DOUBLE INSULATION for cup holders (50% thicker than Other Brands)
6. DEEP POCKETS and Deep Cup Holders (2 inches deeper than Britax/Other Brands)
7. LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!! (No Other Brand has this!)


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