Naturel Commodity Vitamin C Serum

Wonderful serum, and packaging is just perfect. Love the sleek look and the quality is quite high. Cap fits extra snug so no worries with the lid coming off almost creates like a suction. Pump is stylish and works beautifully. I really appreciate the quality of the packaging, I’m so over droppers.

Now onto the product itself. Product smells great, smooth and not greasy. Goes on like a dream and my face has been so happy using this for the past couple of weeks. Esp with this dry winter air.

Best part they are Cruelty free and made in the USA

Disclaimer I received this product for my honest review.
Vitamin C Serum – Buy here



Product Description

Restore Your Skin Back To Its Youth! Look & Feel 10 Years Younger! What’s DIFFERENT About This Vitamin C Serum?Our Revolutionary TRIPLE ACTION Formula contains 3 of the most effective anti aging ingredients in ONE POWERFUL SOLUTION! Clinical strength 20% Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid + Aloe Vera. No Other Product Offers This Combination.

Do You Have ANY of THESE Problems With Your Skin?-Fine Lines and Wrinkles
-Age Spots, Discoloration or Dark Circles
-Dull, Bland or Rough Skin
-Sun Damaged Skin
-Dehydrated and Sagging Skin
-Uneven Skin Texture and Tone

TRY OUR VITAMIN C SERUM And You’ll Enjoy The Following:-Fine Line and Wrinkle Reduction
-Your Natural Skin Tone Back
-Smoother, More Vibrant Skin
-Hydrated, Healthier, Younger Looking Skin
-Reduction in Age Spots, Discoloration and Dark Circles
-Plumper, Firmer, Brighter, More RADIANT SKIN

What Makes This Vitamin C Serum BETTER?-THREE OF THE BEST and most POWERFUL anti aging ingredients in One Powerful Solution!
-Advanced Airless Pump bottle to retain 100% of the serums potency from the 1st drop to the very last.
-Made with ALL NATURAL ingredients formulated with the perfect dosage of 20% Vitamin C, guaranteed to deliver PHENOMENAL RESULTS!
-A quick acting, easy absorption formula which goes on smoothly and lightly.
-Made in the USA in our Advanced FDA certified facility.
-Our CRUELTY FREE Vitamin C Serum will deliver superior results without ever harming an animal.


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