Ponytail Headband

I love this it is so very warm and I love that it has a spot just for our ponytails. I used to have to braid my hair down the back then it would itch like crazy on my neck. This keeps my ears warm and no more itchy neck. I am really enjoying this product.

Ponytail Headband Product Page
Disclaimer I received this product for my honest review.



  • WELL FITTING – Size M: 2.5 ” x 4.5” x 10.2” ( when laid flat the headband). – TIP WITH PONYTAIL HOLE: Put the headband on, then pull your hair through the hole and fasten an elastic around it. When you wear it, you should make a pretty low ponytail.
  • SWEAT WICKING – We made this extra wide, fashionable headband to help keep your hair and sweat out of the way.
  • COMFORTABLE – It’s thick, super soft and really comfortable without slipping around. Most likely you’ll forget you’re even wearing it. Great elastic and avoid headband slid down over the eyes while running.
  • HIGH QUALITY – With double layers fleece to cover your ears, this headband is ideal for running, skiing, skating, outdoor sports in cold weather or snow. Easy cleaning with machine wash, air dry.
  • GREAT DESIGN – Headband for all men or women, you can use the ponytail or not.



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