Car Handle

I was curious about this product. I have multiple sclerosis and sometimes it’s hard for me to get in and out of my car. I am able to slip this into the little slot and away I go.
Pro’s – I love that it is tapered to fit the latch for my Jeep commander perfectly.The sleep mask isn’t the best so I passed this onto my 12 year old daughter. I’m not into that kind of thing.
Con’s – Now here is where I get a bit harsh. Ok my handle doesn’t look like the photo at all! The blue silicone grips pops off so easily and I have pinched my skin several times. I’ve had to pick up the silicone piece off the ground multiple times so I finally gave up and threw the piece into the center console of my car.
Then I decided to try this car handle in my husbands car and it doesn’t fit at all. It goes up the the first notch but it wiggles all around and doesn’t dock safely into the slot. I feel this is not a safe product to use in his 2015 jeep renegade.
So this is where I am torn. Works perfectly in my 06 Jeep commander but doesn’t at all in my husbands car. Then the silicone grip pops off all the time and pinches my hand. This is why I gave this review only 3 stars. They have some work to do with the handle and maybe just maybe sell different sizes because not all cars fits all…

Photo #1 my car, Photo #2 is my husbands car and you can see it doesn’t dock in there good.

Disclaimer I received this for my honest review.
Car Handle Website



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