Green earth pans

So with Amazon deleting all my reviews I have decided to post my review on my blog. I know this isn’t ideal for the business but it’s my last resort. I did post a review on my youtube page and if you would like to see that here is the link.

Youtube Green Earth Pans Review

With that said we really have been enjoying these pans.
Found here Amazon Green Earth Pans

The first thing we did was make pancakes. The kids loved having a honeycomb pattern on their pancakes. Since then we have enjoyed many meals with these pans and it is something we would purchase again. Perfect for a wedding gift, Graduate and more.
It is super easy to cook on and clean up is a breeze too as everything just wipes out of the pan. Now fried eggs I have a hard time with without using a cooking spray but then again I’m horrible at frying eggs. haha

Out of all of our pans these have been getting the most use in our kitchen. I also love that it comes with felt dividers so your pans don’t get scratched up. So that is a nice bonus. These are heavy duty, Handle is thick and fastened to the pan it is so strong it doesn’t move.

I am enjoying these pans thoroughly, and I want to send a special thanks to the company who sent me these items to review. And for all the trouble this has caused due to Amazon.


FTC disclaimer I received this product for review purposes. I only give my honest reviews Good or bad.


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